The crime of Jesus

When I was a little girl, I used to go to the church on sunday to listen to the priest. He used to say that Jesus was a very nice man who had come to save us. From what ? I couldn't figure out. Anyway people would come to listen to him, he had more and more influence over them. However the villains wanted to keep their power so they would hate him. Yes, I could figure that out. I was living under dictatorship so I could understand that a savior who relieves people aways has trouble with the authorities in power.

The villains tried to trap Jesus several times. They would ask him twisted questions in order to make him speak against the law. If Jesus violates the jewish or roman law then they can imprison him. But he was so smart that he would always give accurate and legal answers. The evil power mongers were crazy whith anger.

Then one night they suddenly catch Jesus during a small party. Why? Has he done anything illegal? The authorities don't come after anyone anyhow. There must be a good reason or at least a legal pretext. I read the bible again and again, I cannot see any crime to justify his arrest.

Time passed by. This riddle came back to my mind recently. What was the signal to arrest Jesus? A kiss from Judas. That's ridiculous. Jesus is famous. He preaches with uncovered face in broad daylight in front of thousands of people. Everybody knows his face. What misses to arrest him is a crime.

Following Jesus death, the villains payed a reward to Judas. He threw the money and hanged himself. That's stupid. This story doesn't make any sense.

However if Judas kissed Jesus in a sensual way then indeed, that is a very serious crime at that time. Even nowadays in some countries such behavior is penalised by a fine, serving time or death penalty. This detail changes everything and could even explain Judas suicide. I feel like he didn't betray Jesus, he has been trapped.

To begin with let's set out the context. Jesus used to preach in temples therefore he was necessarily a rabbi. It's hard to imagine a carpenter doing the mass on sunday in the church in 2016, so a carpenter's son cannot preach in a synagogue 2000 years back in time. By listening to him, people would say : "he is not like the others". The other what? The other carpenters? Of course not. He is not like the other rabbis. He doesn't preach like they do.

There is also Peter. Jesus meets Peter and asks him to drop off everything to follow him. Peter quits his job as a fisherman, he leaves his wife, he abandons his children (?!?) to follow Jesus. I'm sorry but this sounds like love at first sight. In some verses of the bible, the disciples complain because they feel like Peter is Jesus favorite.

This could explain why "he is not like the others". When the simple fact of experiencing feelings for someone sentences you to death then it requires you to have a different look on society, on the world and on life. He certainly used to preach peace, love, openness and tolerance because he was directly threatened by the violence of his time.

This way of preaching doesn't suite the power mongers. They need the people to be divided, violent, frustrated. The distraught come seek refuge in the sanctuary in order to buy all kinds of blessings to aleviate their sufferings. The vultarks also come to the sanctuary in order to buy god's forgiveness and wipe their conscience clean.

The power mongers looked forward to smear Jesus or eliminate him. He would never fall in the traps. They had to use tricks. Why not infiltrate his entourage to discover his little secrets?

While becoming the disciples confidents, one of the spies came upon a highly interesting secret. Judas feels an intense desire for Jesus but his heart already belongs to Peter. The spy certainly gave a friendly advice to Judas : if he cannot have Jesus then he can at least try to steal a kiss from him to quench the fire of passion.

The crime of Jesus was love.

The villains had a good reason to terminate him according to the jewish law. The country was undergoing roman domination, they had to ask for permission before killing a prisoner. But they had to be quick. If they had put Jesus in jail, the people could have rebelled. Such an event would have shaken both the jewish culture and religion because the people could have yelled : "What? He must be killed because he has violated the law? Then fuck the law. Give us Jesus back!"

The villains had really no choice, they needed Jesus to vanish as soon as possible. So they requested Ponce Pilate in the middle of the night to get his agreement. They couldn't reveal him the pretext for his arrest. One doesn't wake a representative of Rome to sentence to death a man who kissed another man. The power mongers would have shamed themselves. They invented all kinds of baloney to prove Pilate that this man was a threat to law and order but he wasn't convinced at all. Facing their repeated emphasis, he understood that something else was in jeopardy and denying their request was likely to confront him with political unrest.

As Jesus was moving towards the place of public execution, the disciples were running from a house to another to alert as many supporters as possible. If they were enough in number maybe they could do something to prevent the tragedy. Jesus friends were hurrying to try to be their in time. A little crowd started to gather.

The scared roman soldiers didn't know what to do. They had to usually keep the convicted until they die. It would generally last for hours. But right now people were more and more to come, more and more aggressive. The crowd was shouting for Jesus to be released. Would a riot break out? Would the protesters attack? What would Ponce Pilate command? Out of panic, one of the soldiers striked Jesus with his spear. The crowd collapsed in pain.

When Jesus departed, the power mongers gave money to Judas out of irony, to humiliate him because he should have been arrested as well, to cruely stir the knife in the wound and relish their victory. Judas killed himself because he couldn't live with such burden. By reason of his gullibility, he was responsible for the death of the one he loved, tortured and executed like a criminal. Who can bare this?

This murder split the jewish people. Jesus followers were cursing those who had slaughted an innocent just for money and power issues. The country had witnessed many murders, many betrayals, much cruelty. Jesus was the last straw. He would always keep away from religious and political plots, he was everyone's friend, his sweetness was soothing for the hearts. Jesus friends grew a deep hatred towards power mongers. They could no longer believe in an unfair god who condones such an awful crime. They were now in need of another religion, they wanted a god as loving as Jesus was.

As for Peter, he never accepted the loss of his lover. Maybe their love was so strong that their spirits remained connected. He was so passionate that the disciples believed that he was actually in contact with Jesus. They embrassed the principle that in spite of the destruction of his body, something emanating from him was still living. Peter was in such a blissful state that everyone wanted to become like him and also feel the love of Jesus filling their heart.

A growing community quickly gathered, to the point of becoming a worrying cult for the authorities. A few centuries later the sect became a state religion which killed millions of humans all around the world and still dictates nowadays what must go on in our mind, our heart and our bed.

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