Small, tiny little god

I used to think that my original religion, catholicism, was hollow and hypocritical. The old testament is a river of blood, the new testament is a cascade of honey, actually people do what they want and interpret the texts so as to fit their desires. At 33 I've been seduced by hinduism, so different, so colourful, so vivid, so full of elating spiritual practices and deep explanations about the meaning of life. Of course, I fell from grace.

This religion seems to be different from the others, but when the richly coloured trappings are removed, it is identical to the others. Judeo-christianity, islam and hindo-buddhism have more than a billion followers each. Christianity out in front with more than 2 billion followers. By analyzing in detail each of these religions, one can find countless differences between them. But reading the founding scriptures is enought to see that they are all based on the same 3 fundamental principles :

  • women are pathetic in nature because god created them this way
  • the men chosen by god are superior to the others, they have the rights to do whatever they want
  • those who dare to disobey the laws dictated by god are cruelly punished, maimed or killed

The thing that created the galaxies has prescribed hideous corporal punishments for those who do not bend to his will? How strange. If I was able to manufacture universes, I would not care to prescribe such dress, food, social or sexual behaviours to the microbes inhabiting my worlds. I would give them what they need to grow, they would do what they see fit. If I wanted to deny them access to some particular things, I would do it myself, I would just delete these things with a snap of my divine fingers. Why diminishing myself to enact laws and to appoint corruptible agents to enforce what I have banned?

The thing that created the galaxies has designated male creatures to dominate the others? How strange. If I was able to manufacture universes, I wouldn't write on a paper that such group is superior to another. If I wanted a being to rule over the others, I would fit him with exceptional attributes, so that he can actually dominate. Just by seeing him, the lower ones would immediately understand that he is superior and obey without hesitation. Why diminishing myself to enact nominations and appoint corruptible agents to implement what I have decided?

The thing that created the galaxies has designed a miserable female being? This starts to sound like blasphemy. Why doing such a thing? In addition, it is this shabby being which is responsible for perpetuating the species? This sub-being breeds the future generations? If I am able to manufacture universes, why indulging in such aberrations? Why diminishing myself by charging the male beings to monitor the female beings, so that they don't sink into the mediocrity that I myself have put in them?

What a strange idea to devalue god to such an extent. His name is written with a capital letter, one bows before him, we find thousands of qualities in him, we sculpt and paint him everywhere. And yet we imply that he needs our help. The poor little one, he cannot do anything without us. He needs us to write his orders on paper or in stone, he requires that we put fences over here, apply some punishments over there, for his orders to be followed. He needs some parts of the men's body to be mutilated, wants the same for some other parts of the women's body. If these biological arrangements are so essential, can't he do them directly? Is he not the omnipotent god? Can't he make us mutate genetically in the blink of an eye? Apparently not, he needs our scalpel to enforce his laws.

The dogmas demean god to the rank of an entrepreneur who needs a board to run his business. They shrink him to the rank of a head of state who needs a government apparatus to dictate his laws and enforce them. They liken him to a mere little influent human being.

Some religious leaders even push up the nerve to claim that they are divine incarnations. Yes, yes, yes, gods descended on purpose in a human body to save humanity. But they are human beings who commit the same mistakes as everyone else. So what do we do? Well, we change our outlook on life, we demean god a little bit lower, for their mistakes to resemble incomprehensible divine acts.

Day after day, prompted by cultural and religious suggestions, god is increasingly devalued, he becomes more and more helpless, assisted, imperfect. This helps to devalue humanity. In fact, the creator is perfect, the creature is imperfect. He is in heaven, we are on earth. If god goes down again and again, if he is so low that he walks on earth, then where are we? Crawling underground?

Believing in dogmas requires to deny the all-powerfulness of god.

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