Disobedience to god's laws... As human beings are not very disciplined, they disobey the laws of their creator. As a result, god chooses "teachers" and "policemen". Some people know the laws of god by heart so they are responsible for teaching them to us and showing us how to respect them. Other human beings are responsible for inflicting all kinds of sentences to criminals as punishment for daring to violate the god 's laws. These punishments can range from simple humiliation to death.

When I was a child it all seemed normal to me but now I find it weird. The thing that created life needs humans to enforce its laws? Isn't it able to do it himself? It is forced to rely on weak and corruptible beings to enforce its decrees? And if one fine day nobody wants to take on these divine tasks anymore, is it going to leave total mess settle on earth?

Besides, how is it that the common folk pays systematically for its sins while the powerful ones of this world indulge in all sorts of abuses with impunity? Why do representatives of god on earth have the right to break any law they want without being accountable to anyone? How can we talk about justice when young lovers are murdered because god forbids non-marital relationship? How can we talk about justice when a religious institution robs from the widow and the orphan? Where is god when the baby dies after being thrown against a wall by the victorious soldiers? What about all those innocent women who were tortured and killed in the name of god during the great inquisition? What about the past and present crusades that make thousands of innocent victims in the name of religion?

Let's be honest. We are no longer children therefore we can face reality even if it makes us cry out of fright. What we call "divine justice" does not exist. Anyone can commit any crime, one just needs to find a way to escape human justice to be able to keep going on quietly. To escape human justice, one just needs to be socially powerful or to carefully hide his crime. That's it. God won't follow up. The "teachers" and "policemen" will respond only if it fits their personal interests. You can kill the lovers, rob the widow and the orphan, slaught the baby, nothing will happen.

Needless to take solace by dreaming of a hypothetical punishment beyond death. "My neighbor has hurt me? He will pay in his next life! His soul will go to hell! He will endure thousands of torments after death! God will punish him on Judgment Day! ..." It's not true. We feel deep inside of us that it doesn't happen this way. These are just cries of despair that we shout to conceal our helplessness. Why so much injustice? Why so much impunity? Where is the problem? Personally I see 2 problems.

The first problem according to me is that we misunderstand god's laws. If god created life and the laws that govern the universe then it is impossible to violate the laws of god. I can't get up tomorrow and decide that the blood of human beings will be blue. I can't tell the trees to produce their sap without water and light. I can't declare that henceforth molten lava will be as cold as river water. I can't command the crystals to not diffract the light passing through them. No one can live outside the laws of god, no one can break them, no one can change them. They constantly apply to any animate or inanimate being without exception.

What we need to learn the laws of god, are researchers in all imaginable disciplines. Researchers who observe and study the world as it actually is. Researchers who are not obsessed with the race to domination. Researchers who are not obsessed with the alledged supremacy of human being over the entire universe. Researchers who are not terrorized by metaphysics and immateriality. Researchers who are humble enough to see themselves as creatures, designed by a creator who is infinitely more intelligent than them. Discovering the laws is all that we need because they always apply whether we want it or not. The more we understand these laws, the more we are able to use them, the more we admire the ingenuity, power and generosity of the thing that created life.

The second problem is that when we do harm then it has nothing to do with god. The evil thing that we do has an impact on our species and lower species. For proof, let's look around us. No need to fantasize about supernatural retribution in the afterlife. The natural punishment automatically falls into the current life. The examples abound.

For instance dictatorship. All the great dictators have had an unhappy childhood. An abused child can try to cope and to get away anyway. He can also turn into a monster who will carry its inhuman vengeance on millions of people. What is the cult of personality in a dictatorship? It is a politician who puts you under the gun to force you to say "you are the greatest, you are the best, you are the strongest, you are my savior, you are the center of my life and of my thoughts". Isn't it amazing? Dictators use violence to rip fake declarations of love off the people! It's easy to abuse a child as long as he is weak and helpless. Who knows where it will lead later?

For instance rape. The woman who suffers rape faces considerable psychological damages. She can become antisocial and reject human relations. Needless to say that if she raises a family, she can pass on some of her trauma to her offspring. Raping a woman can potentially ruin an entire branch of a family for several generations. It necessarily has an impact on the whole society, even if it's difficult to assess. In times of war soldiers are often ordered to rape all women who come across them into enemy territory because it is the best way to break the spirit of the population, it facilitates the domination of the conquered people.

For instance industrialization. Animals and plants are operated intensively to generate a lot of lot of lot of profits. So what? So the production processes litter the air that we breathe and the water that we drink. Our food poisons us slowly. Immune systems weaken. Allergy cases explode. Cancers and other self-generated diseases are increasing. Nowadays health agencies advice not to eat fish more than 2 times per week, to avoid putting our health at risk. Isn't it foolish to produce massive amounts of food unfit for human consumption? This is stupid.

No need for divine justice. We pay our stupidities directly everyday.

God's laws are unbreakable so when we do something wrong, we are not accountable to god. It provides us with fair and balanced conditions of life, it's up to us to sabotage everything or to do our best. We are made to live in society, we need each others to survive and grow. Mistreating a member of our own species, that's one member less to count on reliably. It may even generate a harmful being who will shower a deluge of calamities on our heads. Mistreating members of lower species deteriorates our life conditions because we are just one link in a gigantic food chain.

When we do wrong, it is our species that suffers directly or indirectly. When we do wrong, we destroy our potential for growth and evolution. We suicide our species. We shouldn't ask god for forgiveness for our sins, we should ask humanity.

If we were actually an intelligent race, we would regret bitterly for having the gall and stupidity to attack our own species. When we work against each others, each tries to fend more or less individually so that everyone stays at the bottom, in the mud. Some are lying in the mud. Those standing with their 2 feet deep in it are proud of their "success." It's pathetic. We should cry all the tears in our body at the sight of the extent of our damages. We should be frightened by our selfish bewilderment. We should ask humanity for forgiveness because we have been shrinking it for thousands of years instead of raising to an ingenious, powerful and generous species in order to honor its creator.

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