Sects and religions

What is the difference between religion and sect? Personally I only see one difference and it is a huge one, it is the political recognition. A sect is a group aiming at the metaphysical unfoldment of individuals. Religion does the same. A sect offers theories, practices, ceremonies... Religion does the same. A sect has its own hierarchy. Religion does the same. The same principles and aberrations can be found on both sides.

Political recognition makes all the difference. The sect is viewed in a suspicious way. Its actions must be absolutely flawless. At the slightest abuse, sanctions are scathing, judgment is merciless, dogmas are called brainwashing, the dissolution of the sect is inevitable. On the contrary, religion can indulge in all kinds of abuses that it wishes, it is never threatened. Fingers occasionally point at some dishonest members. They are sometimes protected, sometimes punished, it does not go further than that. I find it unfair.

Nowadays christianity is seen as a religion of peace. Indeed, we don't see christians planting bombs or murdering their neighbours in the name of their god. Yet these things took place in the past. Why have christians become peaceful today? Maybe because christianity is strutting at the top. It has more than 2 billion followers. Christmas is celebrated all over the earth, even by atheists. The calendar of the planet is based on the death of Jesus. In short, christianity dominates the global market, nothing nor nobody can dethrone it, therefore it is normal that it doesn't fight other religions anymore to survive or win. Other religions continue to fight to not be nibbled away by the insatiable giant. Innocent people die in the blind conflict. This reinforces the image of christianity as a religion of peace, which devotees are martyrized by barbaric religions. I find it disgusting.

Christianity began its career as a small sect. The sect has grown to the point of creating violent social unrest. In the 4th century it has been stated religion of the roman empire to prevent the war between sects to degenerate into civil war. From there and for centuries, christianity has killed, robbed, pillaged, raped, tortured, murdered, genocided, to climb to the top. Now that it holds a quasi-monopolistic position, it looks humbly down on other religions and despises small sects. It shakes its head sadly and prays for the light of god to illumine the minds of those who resort to lies. It cries out of compassion and prays for the peace of god to fill the hearts of those who use violence. Such hypocrisy!

Religions and sects are identical. Politics decide which sect has the right to attain to the status of religion. Sects and religions use the same tools and tricks. They have aberrant dogmas, interspersed with words of wisdom, sprinkled with beautiful poetic evocations. They put emotion over intellect, through deep and reassuring beliefs that generate a blind faith. They advocate submission, explaining that this is true greatness. They make wonderful unsustainable promises.

They all swear that divinity is characterized by a feeling of ecstasy or bliss. What if it was wrong? Something tells me that ecstasy and bliss are drugs that move us away from true divinity.

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