Fake terrorism

What if I rush to the street with my kitchen knives, randomly stabing people, shouting "Allah is great" ? I will be jailed, thousands of people will gather to say no to terrorism, flowers arrangements will adorn the crime scene, my picture will be on the cover of every magazine, the victims families will be get words of solace from every governements worldwide.

But if I do the same, shouting "Glory to Jesus", what will happen ? It will be a whole different story. I will be caught, thrown in a mental institution and stuffed with psychotropic drugs. The grieving families will mourn their loved ones silently, amidst total indifference.

I am taken seriously in the first case. Why taking me for a mad woman in the second case ? Why meekly trusting me when I assert that I'm killing in the name of Allah ? How to be sure that I'm actually driven by what I claim to be my motivation ?

It's awful that lately cars have rammed into bus shelters and restaurants, killing innocent people. The news just informs us that these are not a terrorist attacks. That's it ? Acting whithout politico-religious motives means that there's nothing wrong ? No need to talk about it ? No need to analyze it ? Do we just need to cross our fingers hoping that it won't happen any more ?

It's hard for me to buy into the terrosists theories passed on by the medias. We have witnessed many gratuitous murders these days. Some are called terrorist attacks and we hear about them for days, for months, for years. Others are called acts of madness and we instantly forget about them..

Personally I see a common feature in all these violent actions. We haven't seen so far many women fitted with knives, guns, bombs or cars, slaughtering innocent people in the streets. The senseless murders perpetrated recently have been commited mainly by men.

Terrorists or not, I'm sure that if we scrutinize these men's life then we will find out that they had psychological imbalance, emotional instability, frustrations, failures ... a discomfort so great that they were daily overwhelmed by hatred, trying more or less to conceal it. Those who don't want to become aware of their emotional and mental condition, look for any ideology to enable their violence to burst in a relative glory. They prefer to consider themselves as martyrs rather than mental patients.

Life is not always easy. Why do men become mad murderers while women don't ?

Maybe the education delivered to little boy has become irrelevant nowadays. From the very begining, they are taught that a man must be strong in any circumstance. The main characteristic of a man must be his strenght, whereas a woman has to be weak, soft, pretty and obedient.

We each experience life in our own way as we grow old. Most people elaborate their personality by sorting out what they have learned from their parents and what society requires from them. Most people thus manage to build a sound and stable life. However the men who fail to achieve stability can be tempted to cling on THE fundamental rule : "I am a man therefore I am strong". But what to do when strength is not enought ? Strenght is useless regarding emotional management. Strength is likely to impede the manifestation of joy. Strength is useless to overcome sadness. Strenght can become a hindrance when it's time to acknowledge one's weeknesses in order to overcome them.

Society used to be violent. Laws were lacking, unfair or permissive. Men in mental or emotional distress were allowed to unleash their strenght without a second thought. Their violence was seen as something legitimate, normal, natural.

Yet the world is changing. Money rules. Making wealth overflowing in the pocket of power mongers requires people to work and consume a lot, so the society must be broadly at peace. Violence is less and less allowed because it troubles the consumer. Disturbed men who know nothing but strength are thus deprived from socially acceptable outlet. Some of them embrace an ideology out of opportunism, in order to legitimate their deadly outbreak.

Why are there so many muslims among public murderers ? Is it because this culture has remained very patriarchal ? A quick overview worldwide shows that according to statistics, the societies which insist on promoting the superiority of the strong man and the inferiority of the weak woman, are crippled with violence : Pakistan, India, Indonesia ... Let's not forget that in America, christian men rank high in the statistics related to gratuitous murder. In Birmania, bouddhists indulge in recurring atrocities. Homosexuality and abortion can be used like 'thermometers' to check the "patriarchal temperature" of an environment. They are "violentometers" so to speak.

As a sum up, the so-called terrorists don't scare me because I know that it's bullshit. In order to convert population, one needs seduction, promises, the people must be lured into happiness or power. Even when fear is used to propagate messages, it is mandatory to display a flattering cover. Appart from glorious posthumous media coverage, what do terrorists reap ? Bad reputation worldwide. Unanimous condemnation. Their ideology is not close to spreading. They surely know it, they certainly don't care for their interest lies somewhere else. The struggle against terrorism is vain. It leads nowhere because the true problem is elsewhere.

I am not afraid of terrorists. I am afraid of men.

Strenght is a very limited tool. It is obviously useful but most situations in life require the ability to rely on other personal resources. Men who have blind faith into their strength scare me. They are the very murderers of yesterday, of today, of tomorrow. With an ideology or without any reason, they are able to vent their anger on innocent people when they consider that strenght is failing them or that weakness is treatening them.

If we keep on fighting in vain against politico-religious ghosts then innocent victims will pile up in the streets. If we go on letting the little boys still believe that they must be strong round the clock then let's fill up with flowers, candles, slogans and tears to avoid shortage during the many lethal commemorations to come.

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