Cognitive disorders

The arbitrary way that psychiatry breaks down mental illnesses makes me skeptical. If you behave in a specific manner they stick a label on your forehead. If you behave in another manner you get another label. This bring about some problems. Some people are hard to classify, either because their symptoms belong to several categories, or because they lack some symptoms to be allowed to be classified.

I feel like relying on the Matter-Energy-Conscience model to sort things out. Indeed, facing aggression we can surrender, escape or attack. Someone who suffers from cognitive disorders can use these strategies to cope with his own impairments.

I think the one who surrenders to his own cognitive disorders is usually call autistic. Unable to communicate properly with the world. Prostrated, in a dreamy state or aggressive, he is locked into his own world.

The one who escapes will often lean on intellectual activities to deny or bypass his deficiencies. He will constantly live in fear because he misses what it takes to perceive himself and adapt to life. Such person will rather be classified in the Asperger Syndrome category. The disciplines framed by strict rules, like science or computing, enable him to interact with the world in a rigid, deterministic thus secure way.

What about the people who attack? What about those who use their impairment like a weapon in daily life? I think that those people escape the radars or psychiatry..

Those people don't question themselves. They refuse to acknowledge their lacking. They know that something is wrong with themselves but they don't look forward to find out what it's all about. They will usually consider that they have the right to require the people around them to decrease their cognitive and behaviour level. They will make the people decline in order to operate along their own restrictions. They look like wounded people walking with clutches who demand that the others slow down their pace so that the whole group moves slowly.

Given the fact that they prefer attack, these people enjoy conflictual situations. When everything runs smoothly we need to manage, anticipate, plan... We need to think, this is likely to reveal their impairment. But when everything goes wrong they can yell, pound the table, impose superficial unilateral decisions to quickly address urgent issues. This people make their best to keep things disorganised or unstructured, for crisis situations make them feel like as happy as fishes in water.

Unlike the two previous categories of people, their cognitive disorders will never be diagnosed. They will simply be called authoritarian, silly boss, manager who makes stupid decisions... And that's all. These people sow desolation in society. The respect for social order requires anyone to stand by and never challenge their pathological boundaries.

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