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Is it a joke?

30 years after its"discovery", the AIDS virus has not been isolated, nor photographed. We must ask imaginative graphic designers to draw it. It is so skilled that it only leaves traces of its presence, without ever showing. Shy or clever? Neither of them. The truth is already disturbing since a while, the AIDS virus does not exist. People who die simply suffer from a collapse of their immune system, which may be due to an unhealthy life, malnutrition, aggressive medical treatment or drugs. How does this "disease" has been invented?

The collapse of the immune system exists since the dawn of time. It mainly affects populations which nobody cares about, namely the poor and the drug addicts. This phenomenon is quite common in developing countries. But in the early 80s, it began to decimate quite a different population : homosexuals. They have bargaining power in the society, they have enough influence to lobby. I can easily believe that seeing their friends and lovers passing away, made them lobby for science to find an urgent solution to this sudden devastating "epidemic" rising out of nowhere. Why the 80's and not before?

In most countries, homosexuality was considered a crime and a disease. It was allowed to lock a relative in a psychiatric asylum for that single reason. Psychiatrists were testing various methods, like electroshocks, to treat the patients. The singer Lou Reed can testify. It was also possible to end up in prison and be fined for practicing so called indecent acts in private. In some countries, this crime is punishable by the death penalty. That sexual orientation was decriminalized in most western countries only at the beginning of the 80s. With this release, the gay community went in an explosion of joy. Many became hardcore partiers, which may not be well tolerated by the body.

Coincidentally, along with the decriminalization, another phenomenon has exploded : poppers. It is a legal drug, a volatile liquid sold in small bottles. Place the bottle under one nostril, shut the other nostril, breathe in deeply. Poppers was only available in gays bars and nightclubs. The advertisements were flooding the free and paying gay magazines. It was advised to consume it during sex because it was said to increase the pleasure tenfold. This was the essential drugs, one had to try it at least once in his gay life.

Being cheap and legal, poppers tended to infiltrate the student community. I thus consumed some and didn't enjoyed at all! After the inhalation, I had dizziness, trouble breathing, my head was warm and I felt a lot of pressure in the skull, as if it was squeezed and about to explode. When I woke up the day after, my nose was slightly bleeding. I quickly stopped.

By the 90s, some scientists have begun to suspect the immune systems to collapse, not because of a ghost virus, but rather because of the lifestyle, which was too exhausting for the body, severely degraded by drugs abuse, particularly poppers. Today in 2013, we continue to pretend looking for a non-existent virus, because the science and the pharmaceutical industry reap huge profits through this mirage. Personally, I'm especially questioned by the human aspect of this story.

The collapse of the immune systems in the gay community has resulted in avalanches of human dramas. Overnight, people were literally left homeless, evicted from their homes because their partner who was the tenant or the owner had just died. Some couples were raising children. Following the death of the biological parent, the partner could not get legal custody of the children, even if he had taken care of them for many years. A partner could not benefit from the insurance of the other, as it is the case for married couples, they were left to ruin themselves in expensive treatments. This carnage has broken many lives and brought the fear of insecurity in this community. Thus many began to demand the right to legal unions, in order to benefit from the same protection as married couples. Before AIDS, gays were proud to escape the shackles of the society, after AIDS they claimed the right to be tied. This coincidence troubles me.

Gays are potentially atypical people who are likely to escape the social formatting, because they often discover their difference during childhood. This leads them to reject overtly or covertly some parts of their education, long before it is completed. This forces them to invent their own vision of life, to compensate for the gaps, resulting in a whole range of peculiar personalities, challenging, artistic, original, unscrupulous, disconnected, revolted, suicidal, epicurean, irreverent, innovative... in short, people who don't fit so well in the molds of society, the kind of citizens that the rulers hate to manage. As long as they were under the influence of fear of the repressive laws, they were under control. But thanks to the 60s-70s upheavals, they claimed the right to live more freely, they fought to suppress the hindering laws.

With AIDS, a much more effective fear has replaced the one which was disappearing. Fear of death is stronger than fear of human laws. Instead of soaring, which would have had unpredictable effects on society, the gays crouched and called for help. Instead of imagining new ways of living, they claimed the right to join in the ranks. They have become the kind of citizens that the rulers love to manage. Yes, this disease is really handy and it came at the right time. No need to threaten and punish the homosexuals for them to behave, they restrict themselves.

This self-restriction occurred just when they got more freedom. What for a perfect timing! But, why was poppers advertised and marketed only in the gay community? I cannot believe that this is a coincidence. It looks more like regulation.

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