Addiction to cell phone

The mobile phone has become an essential item in modern societies. A long time ago, couples used to kiss in public places. Nowadays each have their eyes riveted on their smartphones, obviously absorbed by more exciting activities.

Yet, On May 31 2011, the World Health Organization has recognized that the cell phone is a level 2 carcinogen for humans. Just half an hour of conversation per day for ten years is what it takes to be a good potential candidate for this disease, as well cysts, insomnia, infertility... Despite warnings most cell phone users refuse to limit their consumption. On the contrary, some even let it on 24 hours a day. Why risking one's health or life and that of the loved ones, especially one's own children?

The most common explanation is that people are not aware of the dangers of cell phones and relay antennas. I don't believe a single word of this explanation. The cell phones operation instructions always give the Specific Absorption Rate of the device to show its harmfulness. This criterion is always displayed in comparators so that consumers can make their choice taking into account the degree of danger. This proves that everyone knows.

Everyone knows and everyone wants to hear reassuring propaganda to continue to use the mobile phone without too much worry or guilt. Use it for what? For anything, anytime, no matter what we do with it, provided that we handle it. Even in developing countries, the cell phone has become a staple without any marketing campaign to plan such a development. How to explain this spontaneous surge when it so expensive?

My explanation may sound fanciful but I don't see any other reason to explain the success of this gadget among the rich and even more among the poor. For me, the cell phone fulfills a natural need. Something that we miss so badly that we are ready to risk our health or life to relieve ourselves. We feel that it would be normal and natural to be connected round the clock to each others. When I talk about connection, I'm not talking about a blur thrill at the heart when we think of someone. I speak about a human internet. An huge worldwide network where any individual could communicate freely and naturally with any other, with any group.

Some call it "telepathy", personally I don't like that word. "Pathy" = suffering. The word "telepathy" means remote suffering. When we think about this word we usually imagine 2 people connected, as by a private phone talk. I don't like that word. I prefer "Human Network". We connect to the network thanks to telephilia. With the concept of network, we have the text, image and sound, we have the thoughts, feelings and intentions, we have boundless collective sharing and action.

I consider that this network is real, it does exists, it is operational, it is natural. We cannot control it, modify it, nor destroy it because we have not created it. We can just plug in/unplug. But our antennas are off, we have lost the connection cable, our modem is down. We are so disconnected that we don't even believe in the existence of the network. But nature screams inside of us, so we build artificial devices to fill the gap.

When I was little, I went to primary school like all kids do. But I was sad, exhausted, desperate, I was feeling dizzy when I was thinking about the number of years that I would have to spend sitting all day to force-feed me with more or less interesting information. I was thinking that I was there, trying to learn how to read, write and count while billions of adults already knew how to do all this. I couldn't understand why the knowledge of the previous generations was not already available in my brain. I couldn't understand why the knowledge of my predecessors was not delivered to me at the same time as the body at birth.

Learning again what billions of people already know, I thought it was a terrible waste, doomed to fail. Every human being must start from scratch. But science, technology, economics, art are making progress every day. New social and political events pile up daily into history books. So the children who will go to school after me will have more things to learn, their children will have even more, their grandchildren much more... Every human baby must climb the rungs of the ladder one by one for years to rise to the same level as his parents. But the ladder grows bigger every day! After a moment, choices must be made, curriculum must be truncated, topics and subjects must be removed because the days are made of a limited number of hours.

My parents had necessarily learned things I had no idea of and I was learning things that they would never know. Maybe there were things that I would have been passionate about but I would never know because they were not in the school program. By cons there were plenty of things that I wasn't interested in at all and I was forced to stuff myself with them to proceed to the next grade. And it would last for years! I wanted to cry and scream but it wouldn't have changed a thing. What else to do but surrender, trying to not fall prey to depression?

I thought it was absurd, abnormal. I couldn't understand how nature could have developed such a stupid system. If every child is born already knowing what all those who preceeded him know, so he can bring his personal contribution to the society, add his stone to the collective building. But learning is long, hard, laborious, tedious, repetitive and above all standardized and incomplete, so the contribution that we bring when we are adults is not necessarily relevant, because we have a partial thus wrong view of the world.

Today when I see the addiction to cell phone, I think of the Human Network. We cling like damned to this electronic poison because we feel that this is how things should happen normally. If everyone was connected to the Human Network, children would come into the world with this connection. All the knowledge of mankind would naturally be available to everyone, anywhere, anytime. Children would be spontaneously attracted to specific types of knowledge according to their character and they would have all relevant information available for them. The education of a child would then be to teach him to use his body, emotions and intellect, show him how to live in society and with other species, give him the taste for evolution. Humanity would unfold at the speed of light instead of crawling backwards as is currently the case.

The mobile phone is a poor imitation of the Human Network. It is a shabby imitation but it's better than nothing. It relieves us where it hurts. In exchange, it requires huge material and computing supply, it consumes frightening amounts of plastics, metals, rare earths, gas, chemicals and electricity. But the pain of being cut off from the Human Network is such that we are ready to destroy everything, including ourselves, just to have the illusion of connection.

The other problem that I seem to see in mobile phones is that they overflow the world with electromagnetic waves that disrupt our bodies. It seems to me that this flood blurs our internal communication. Let's not forget that our nervous system is based on electricity, as well as our brain and our heart. These electromagnetic interferences can potentially prevent us from discovering our natural antennas. If this is the case then not only the mobile phone steals the role of the Human Network but it also prevents us from finding a way to connect to it.

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