Frequently asked questions (that no one ever asked)


Liviscobal means Lion-Vierge-Scorpion-Balance in French. In English these words stand for Leo-Virgo-Scorpio-Libra. According to western astrology I am Scorpio sun Virgo rising, while eastern astrology considers that I am Libra sun Leo rising. This is quite confusing so I mixed the whole of it to make a hybrid identity.


"Woezõ" means "welcome" in mina, the main language of Togo


It is a strange tongue made of French sentences, built with English words. Frenglish phrases can sometimes be impossible to understand.


Half vulture, half shark, it is a human being who whirls in the sky and swims in troubled waters to feast on anything that looks naive or helpless. They always use strong pretexts to justify or deny their unhealthy greed : "Your ego prevents you from seeing the good in all things", "I am aiming at excellence", "It is necessary for the good of all people", "If we stop it will be worse", "I have nothing to be ashamed of", "I haven't done anything illegal", "It's a smear campaign", "It's a set up to do me harm".


Currents et religions.

This represents the institutions, branches, officiants, masters and foremen, hierarchies, institutions, teachings, dogmas, beliefs, superstitions, theories ... in short it is all that spiritual currents and major religions are made of.


A candle which can be used as a guitar, because music melts the hearts and warms the souls.


From the Greek roots gunê (woman) and phileô (love), this word refers to a person who loves women. We can also compose androphile, which is a person who loves men. It seems to me that statistically, half of the human beings tend to be gynephiles, the other half tends to be androphiles, regardless of the anatomical gender. The gynephile females and androphile males are perceived as deviants by the society. Once again, we can see the human tendency aiming at correcting the laws of nature.

Let's not forget the opposite sides. The gynephobes hate women to such an extent that they stick to men. The androphobes hate men so much that they entertain with women. Like the philias, these phobias are exercised independently of the biological gender. If there were 3 or 4 genders instead of 2, their hatred couldn't be compensated in such a logical and binary way. It's easy to detect them, they display misogynist or misoandrist attitudes and speeches. They also dramatise their forced admiration for the gender which is opposite to the one that they hate.

Why are the external links at the bottom of the pages?

It's true, links are usually scattered in the articles. Yes, but a few days later, by reading the article again, seeking for a precise reference, we search everywhere because we do not remember on which word, on which sentence the awsome link was set. Here, everything is at the bottom of the page, no need to wander for ages.

Moreover I think that too many links make an article hard to read. The reading is shortly interrupted when we see a link. We think: "oh! A link, I'll check it later", before returning back to the reading. This chopped path is unpleasant, even if the interruption only last for a micro-second. With all the links at the bottom of the page, one can fluidly follows the thread of the article and the external pages are consulted at the end of the reading, without being unnecessarily interrupted.

How to translate the parts which are not in english?

There are now many online tools to make automatic translations.

For instance, you can paste your text in this reverso page and then click on the couple of flags corresponding to the translation that you want to perform.

On the page of the inevitable google, you can paste the text or the web address of the page to be translated, then choose the source and the target languages, before clicking on the blue "Translate" button.

Beware. You must be fluent in gibberish in order to understand the automatic translations.


"Pedophile"! This term is not relevant at all. Pedo = child. Phile = love. No. It is a definitely a very bad idea to use such a word to name people who shatter children's lives by requiring them to have relations, that are possibly pleasant for themselves, but premature for their victims.

Why not calling these people "pedopaths"? Pedo = child. Path = suffering. Thus a pedopath is someone who makes children suffer. Things would be much clearer this way.


"Telepathy"! How ill-chosen this word is! Tele = distance. Pathy = suffering. Why bother to connect to someone who is far way? To share pain? To suffer? To hurt?

Usually it is rather the opposite, we feel like catching thoughts of people who we appreciate. So why not using the word "telephilia"? Tele = distance. Philia = love. Loving someone in spite of the distance. Isn't it more appealing?


Science allows to understand the world and discover the truth.

But sometimes it introduces concepts that even a child cannot believe. In spite of its appearent objectivity, science requires blind faith from us. This is not science anymore, rather a mix between science and religion. It is Religience. It is dangerous for it prevents us from unveiling the truth


Noxious Nutrient.

It should feed us but it doesn't.

In the best-case scenario it does nothing. In the worst-case scenario it hurts the body.