Missing therapy

Orgone flows freely into our organism. We feel its effects in our body because it generates physical sensations. We perceive its effects with our mind because it generates emotions. If we enjoy the emotions or sensations then we tend to expand in order to fuse with the ongoing experience. Otherwise we contract to stop the flow of energy thus preventing the generation of unpleasant emotions and sensations in order to cut ourselves off from the experience. With expansion the flow of energy increases, we are et in motions by natural natural moves that cannot be controlled. With contraction the flow of energy decreases, we willingly perform artificial moves. Expansion generates pleasure. Contraction generates anxiety.

orgoneIn this schema I have called "Orexis" the system that injects orgone into the mind (Psyche) and the body (Soma). Orexis is a Greek root that means "to reach", "to long", "to stretch out", "appetite", "hunger", "desire". According to the way we feel, the mind contracts or expands the body to regulate the orgone flow, to restrict the flow rate or to let it increase.

This picture makes me think about three things.

Missing link

When the body is ill we can heal thanks to either artificial / natural chemistry or physical manipulations. But sometimes the body is out of order by reason of psychological malfunction. The condition is material, it can even turns out to be deadly, but the trigger is conceptual. We call this psychosomatic illness. The cause is mental. The effect is in the body. The cause is in the mind. The effect strikes the body. Psyche gnaws on Soma. A link is missing in the chain. It is the disruption within the energy flow that screws the organs operations. The mental problem troubles the energy traffic so that the starving body suffers. It would be relevant to call this Orexic illness in order to accurately identify the roles of the elements involved.

Missing therapy

OrexologyWhen someone suffers from psychological disorders he can resort to two kinds of official therapies. On the one hand psychiatry tries to destroy the symptoms using chemical products or electric impusles. It act on Soma. On the other hand psychology tries to verbalize the pain aiming at finding it roots. Its calls on Psyche. There is no other official way. Yet it should be possible to handle orgone flows to improve the situation. If there was such scientific mean it could be called Orexilogy. Magnetism, Reiki, psycho-body therapies, Orgontherapy, eastern medicines like Acupuncture and Shiatsu would be part of it. Their goal is usually to lift the energy blocking to ease the body and the mind.

Missing perception

When orgone flows we feel its effects, namely sensations and emotions. We experience these phenomenon but not their origin. We don't feel the orgone streams so our regulation is always late. Indeed when physical pain or emotional negativity are actually there, it means that the energetic sphere has been disrupted without our knowledge for a long time already. We haven't felt the orgone stream so we haven't perceived the blocking when it occurred. Our conscience come after the battle, to assess and repair the damages.

This last point is essential. If we were able to perceive orgone, maybe we would be allowed to better regulate our organism. Expansion or contraction? Control or contemplation? Stretching out or cutting off? Currently we don't really have the choice. According to our life and world view, the subconscious reacts in real time to the energy flow. Our conscience arrives long when the decisions have been made to appreciate or lament, to decipher or get lost into the entanglement of our conflictual tendencies.

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