Following a brief overview in 2013, I have further explored Wilhelm's Reich work in 2019. He used to claim that he had discovered an energy that can be found both into living beings and matter. Called orgone, it saturates the atmosphere when the weather is fine and paints the sky in blue. It decreases when the air is wet. Assembling metal with organic material allows to accumulate orgone for therapeutic purposes.

It keeps the human body alive, it ensure the proper functioning of organs. Letting it flow freely enables us to perceive sensations and feelings in our body. According to his theories, the human body fills up with orgone during orgasm. The orgastic potency is thus like a compass showing the mental, physical and emotional health condition.

Being unable to experience satifying orgasm proves that the energy is jammed somewhere in the body, mainly for psychological reasons. If the blocking is chronic then it can give way to muscles and nerves armoring, causing psychosomatic illnesses possibly leading to death.

His kind of works was so special that it brought about ruthless smear campaign. He has been called charlatan schizophrenic pedophile.

  • Charlatan? I think that his works and reflexions bring simple answers, enlightening and full of common sense. They deserve a closer look. Let's note that the orgonites sold in organic products conventions or on the internet don't fit the descriptions of his orgone accumulators.
  • Schizophrenic? His books have been burnt twice and he died in prison in 1957 after being charged for "contempt of court". I don't know if he was really paranoid or if it was mere defamation but we know for sure that the has suffered from actual merciless harassment. I admire the courage he had to display to keep on working in spite of the attacks, the insults and the overall rejection.
  • Pedophile? He says that his haters have spread such rumours to smear him. Some perverts have used sexual liberation as a pretext to divert his works in an effort to promote pedopathy. Yet in his books, Reich used to criticize prostitution, pornography, violence against women and "children seduction".

I think that Reich's theories bring uneasiness to everyone because they stand against the ways of society.

To begin with, he asks to let Nature operate instead of trying to control everything because according to him "Nature is reasonable". It sets its own bounderies to maintain and foster the harmonious unfoldment of life. But the authorities dislike anything that is likely to grant people with too much freedom. Moreover in spite of their nice speeches humans don't really trust Nature. Swallowing a chemical drug provides a greater safety feeling than trying to rely on internal biological powerful mechanism which we know nothing about.

Second of all, the solutions that he offers are not easy to market. In addition to being not profitable, what Reich advises could ruin the market economy. Indeed if humanity could be globally healthy then huge parts of the industry would collapse. Therefore capitalists must bash his works. In this perverted world, stashing death-giving money prevails overs the accumulation of life-giving orgone.

Last but not least, his works jeopardize the foundations of “mecanist” science and “mystic” religion. In front of phenomenons that are hard to comprehend, the former closes its eyes when the latter gives magical interpretations. Both are thus unable to explain how things actually work, especially inside ourselves. So vultarks logically take advantage our ignorance to secure their dominance and they don't intend to fall from their social throne.

As a result almost everyone rejects Wilhem Reich before listening to him because he is a threat for every aspect of society.

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