Blinding armoring

According to Reich, when our character is armored, the energy flow is impeded in our body. We consider some of our sensations and emotions to be threats to our psychological balance. Perceiving them could awake traumas of give rise to desires that go against the rules of society. The blocking start to appear during childhood, due to the fear of being be cast out of the family.

As we cannot go against Nature, we grow old to end up stuck into an entanglement of contradictory energy pulses that hit each others and block each others. Frozen emotions and feelings thus provide us with a stiff vision of life. Reich has identified two types of existential stiffness : mechanistic vision and mystic vision.

The mechanist wants to deny the existence of energy to not see his own blacking, to avoid suffering. Therefore he explains all phenomenon thanks to psychical tangible mechanisms. What doesn't abide by his explanations attemps doesn't exist. He rebuts the existence of the processes which don't obey to the laws of physics, chemistry and electricity. Biological energy is mere superstition. When something challenges his twisted explanations, the mechanist calls it trickery.

The mystic on the contrary acknowledges the existence of energy but it is assigned to supernatural sources. In his worldview we are nothing but humble creatures subjected to divine or demonic forces. No need to try and understand them, all we have to do is worship or exorcize them. Questions are forbidden because they are likely to weaken the faith. The believer performs rituals in order to pledge allegiance to the chosen powerful being. He must obey unconditionally, never failing to be grateful whatever the circumstances, even when everything goes wrong. Doubting is a blasphemy that can trigger divine or universal punishment.

It seems to me that there is a third type of stiffness which is as widespread as the two others.

Facing an aggression there are three ways to defend oneself : escape, surrender or attack. Which strategy have been chosen by the mechanistic vision and the mystic vision?

The mechanistic vision denies the existence of phenomenon that escape the laws of material?. That which is not tangible and controllable doesn't exist. That is clearly escape.

The mystic vision consider that the world is ruled by powerful supernatural beings, who can be benevolent or malevolent, who manipulate us. We just need to submit to them to be protected. That's surrender.

We miss attack. How to react when we feel inner pulses, sometimes pleasant, sometimes unpleasant, sometimes smooth, sometimes violent, sometimes logic, sometimes upsetting but always uncontrollable? How to master those moves coming from nowhere?

animalisticI feel like this third stiffenss could be called "animalism".

It's about considering that the human being is like an animal both sophisticated et primitive for he is troubled by unknown and unknowable pulses.

In spite of our superiority, low animal instincts remain inside if us. It is thus natural to be moved by energies that escape our awarness.

The conflicting energy impulses are not denied, they are not a burden, the animalist unfolds them willingly daily. Those who go further into the process don't regulate them so they indulge into violence and perversion, under the pretext that unstoppable natural pulses are part of the beast-like human nature.

We bury our head in the sand in every way. The mechanistic vision deliberately ignores what doesn't fit into his material boxes. The mystic vision refuses to look at its own arbitrary beliefs. Entire parts of reality are removed from their way of seeing the world.

According to the animalistic vision, animals know things that they have never learnt so they are guided by their natural instinct. This magical instinct engraved in their genetic code, dictates what they should do in any situation. As we are moved by unknown pulses, we infer by analogy that this is that same natural instinct. We are like animals driver by natural forces that dominate us.

Animalism thus conceals important facts. In reality animals perceive stimuli we know nothing about. They use magnetoception among others to hunt or travel for the magnetosoms spread in their body enable them to feel the magnetic field of the Earth and the one of other animal. We are unable to do that although we are supposed to be more sophisticated than them.

The animalist thinks that the animal is like us, a mere puppet gifted with reflexion, able to feel emotions, manipulated by Nature against its will. The animalistic vision prevents is from becoming aware that human suffer from cognitive deficiencies. It denigrates animals by considering that they are as bounded as we are. It prevents us from really understanding their behaviour. It prevents us from conducting research to discover the abilities that we miss.

Let's use a practical example. We can see that elephants walk several miles towards clouds that are heavily loaded with water in order to quench their thirst after the rain.

The mechanists assert that elephants hear the infrasound generated by moving clouds. They just follow the aerial noise to be at the right place right on time to drink. Personally I think that this explanation is unlikely.

The mystics will probably say that the almighty has gifted elephants with the ability to sense clouds to secure their survival. Mystics never explain how things work. They just witness then assign the phenomenon to all-powerful invisible beings.

The animalists will say that the ability to perceive clouds arise from the instinct. This natural hereditary feature is in their DNA from birth. This explanation is similar to the mystic vision. Just replace "nature" with "god", "instinct" with "gift", "heredity" with "blessing" and you get the same magical scenario.

I would like to offer another theory. Elephants are able to handle magnetoception like any animal does. Thunderbolt and lightening prove that clouds are loaded with electricity. The elephants perceive the magetic fields emanating from the huge compact masses made by tons of ionized water suspended in the air. They walk towards it, like it were a scent, invisible, inaudible yet appetizing. An electromagnetic stimulus that automatically and naturally generates waves of desire into the thirsty body.

In conclusion I find it harder and harder to believe the usual theories about animal behaviour. Do bees really "dance" and birds "sing"? Or do they generate magnetic signals that we are unable to measure? Are animals that smell only looking for scents? How do baby turtles manage alone to find they way to the sea?

Why are wild animals always scared by us? Don't tell me that it's because we are big or because they "instinctively sense" that we are predators. Sometimes we can see birds landing quietly on hippopotamus or eating remains between the fangs into crocodiles mouth.

I really think that we miss something that all animals have. When they see us, they send a signal to enquire about us : friend or enemy? We don't get their request. We are unable to answer they customary greeting. The lack of response scares them, they run away because our silence means that something is wrong. A big living being that is unable to understand that language of Nature, it doesn't make any sense, it scares them.

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