Trinity and duality

When I was a teenager, and until recently, I used to think that the world was dual because I was seeing opposite trends around me : day and night, hot and cold, man and woman, good and evil, happiness and sorrow, up and down... Fortunately, the trinity came to save me from this stiff binary nightmare. The world is not dual, it is trinitarian. One just need to simply observe to realize it.

Let's consider a concept at random: time. It is considered to be dual because it implies a past and a future. Where is the present in this dual vision? What is its place? If the world is really dual then there must also be an opposite for present. What is the opposite of present? There is none.

Let's take another example. How to tell the difference between east and west? Without the Greenwich meridian, any country may be located east or west. For years, the Paris meridian competed that of Greenwich. When people were giving an appointment at a specific time, they always had to specify which meridian they were referring to, under penalty of missing each others. The east and west don't actually exist in nature. They are just an artificial human convention, which was adopted at the end of an international cultural battle

One more example. The hottest water is 100°C because if it heats more then it evaporates. The coldest stars have a temperature around 3000°C. So 3000° is cold whereas 100° is hot? Hot and cold don't mean anything at all. It depends on the object, it depends on the circumstances. What was hot 5 minutes ago is now cold. If I remove the concept of hot therefore the concept of cold disappears as well.

Light destroys darkness. An object located at a given height is neither higher nor lower. Going to the left, I move away from the right. If it is warmer then it is less cold. Dual poles are unable to existing together. There are mutually exclusive because they are only simple values ​​on a linear scale.

In short, our dual poles don't really exist. They always need supports, they need measurement tools. Dual poles are often arbitrarily defined human conventions, abstract concepts, mental concepts, intellectual tools that we use to analyze the world.

What I call pseudo-duality can be represented by the picture below. Can we really describe the world with that? I really don't see how that could be possible.

mec dualité

By cons, matter, energy and conscience are real. My body is real, even if its life is limited. My movements are real even if they are ephemeral. My consciousness of things is real even if it is fleeting and sometimes wrong. Matter, energy and conscience actually exist. Removing a principle doesn't prevent the others from existing. For instance, the day when I will leave my body, it won't be led by my energy anymore, I won't be aware of it anymore, yet it will continue to exist materially and it will decay slowly.

I see that I'm made of matter. I have an organic body, it is an undeniable fact.

I see that I'm made of energy. I can move my body. It never rests because my internal organs keep on functioning, whether I am awake or asleep.

I see that I'm made of conscience. I am aware of my body, my life, my potential, time and space, I can compare myself to others, I can close my eyes and imagine a multitude of things or remember the tangible world.

The world is not a dual. The world is trinitarian. Everything is made of an assembly of matter, energy and conscience. It is impossible to describe the world with dual notions. It is too limited. By cons, with the trinity, it works very well. Here are some examples :


time : scale of abstract values

past-future : variations in time

present : knowledge of the position in time



earth : dense spherical support

trip : movements of a being on earth

coordinates : knowledge of the location of the being on earth (longitude, latitude, altitude)



earth : planet lit by the sun

light : result of the change of the apparent location of the sun in the earth's sky

moment : knowledge of the quantity of light at a given place on earth (day, night, dawn, noon...)



object : dense or fluid material support

hot-cold : energy release due to the moves of the object's molecules

temperature : knowledge of the quantity of energy released by the objet at a given time (hot, cold, warm, boiling...)


Matter, energy and conscience are 3 distinct things, real, independent, that congregate to shape the world as we perceive it. Increasing the energy doesn't reduce the matter or conscience. Decreasing the conscience affects neither matter nor energy. The 3 are simultaneously present at every moment in every animate or inanimate being.

Is there anything in this world that escapes this classification as matter, energy or conscience? Nothing. Every aspect of this existence consists of these 3 principles. Even the pseudo-dual phenomena can be broken down as follows : a support, its opposite moves, its current state.

mec dualité

To those who still think that our world is dual, I say : please describe your entire existence with only 2 concepts, as I just did with the trinity. Everything you are, everything you see, everything you experience... Everything must be modeled with 2 principles only.

Life and death, isn't it dual? We barely know life. What do we know about death? Death seems to be much more complex than a mere extinction. To me, these concepts seem too excessive to be classified. We don't have the proper marks.

So what gives us the feeling of duality in existence? I think that it arises from gender. Gender is the functioning mode of existence. The masculine is a call, the feminine is an answer. The masculine asks, the feminine brings. The masculine is in need, the feminin supplies.

Gender manifests in everything. Any animate or inanimate thing operates thanks to this system of needs and satisfaction, supply and demand. This lets occur any movement, any change, any attraction, any repulsion, any creation, any destruction.

Gender is the only notion that is actually dual because feminine and masculine don't exclude each others. On the contrary, they combine just like matter, energy and conscience do. The pseudo-duality is the visible consequence of the interactions between the masculine and the feminine.

Thus, our matter, energy and conscience are shaped, craddled, torn, guided by series of opposite poles, resulting from the interactions between feminine and masculine. But when we look only at appearances, we only see the consequences, without seeing the causes. We feel like the world is dual. We only see the fluctuations so we constantly feel tossed between 2 extreme opposites.

Gender is truly dual. Its operation generates opposite poles in the principles of trinity. If I cut in 2 all zones and subzones of my model of matter-energy-conscience to represent these poles, what do I get?

mecmec 2

The main zones make 6 parts of primary color. The secondary zones make 6 parts of secondary color. The central zone make 6 black and white parts. It makes 6-6-6.

mec 666

There are 3 basic principles in the trinity. When they combine, they form 7 principles of which one is central. But everything swings between 2 opposite poles, therefore each principle can be split in 2 again and again infinitely. So the 666 is the long wandering of the trinity in an ocean of opposite poles. If we lead a confused existence then we can stack an infinite number of 6 and get lost in a pseudo-dual maze without ever reaching the center.

For me, 666 stands for the spiritual quest. 666 represents the tribulations of matter, energy and conscience. It is the daily repetition of the same experiences, the same joys, the same mistakes, the same questions, the same doubts, the same actions. It is the long monotonous path that can lead us astray or lead to the 7, the center, the spirit.

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