The Matter-Energy-Conscience template

When I need to observe something, someone, some events or myself, I am flooded with data. How to sort them out, how to link them ? To avoid drowning, it is better to break down the information using an arbitrary template. Of course the template truncates the information but it can be adjusted to highlight the most interesting points.


Matter Energy ConscienceIn daily life I notice that any animate or inanimate things, any event, any process, is necessarily made of 3 inseparable elements that I represent with 3 interconnected primary color circles.

Matter : it is the object, the support, the frame, the structure, the stage, the context, the raw material

Energy : it is that which makes move or change, travel or transform, create or destroy, acts or prevents, accelerate or stop

Conscience : it is that which pilots, knows, identifies, directs, manages, perceives, conceptualizes, thinks, discriminates

Everything is made of matter, energy and conscience. The basic elements follow that same rule, which means that for instance matter has a foundation, a dynamic and an identity. It is the same for energy and conscience.


matterAll matter is made of a set of elements, the unit is relevant to represent the foundation of matter.

Matter agregates the units to condense them, densify them. They are not cast at random, a structure defines their properties within the set.

Matter : structured aggregation of units


energyMovement requires at least a starting point and finishing one. The pole summarizes well the nature of energy because it has 2 endings.

Energy can attract and repel. Let's note that attraction draws towards a specific pole while repulsion moves away from a pole, heading to any direction.

Energy : attraction or repulsion between poles


conscienceConscience needs objets distinct from itself to exist. The limit is thus required in order to separate the conscience from the world, the inside from the outside.

Conscience can perceive and extrapolate. In order to perceive it abstracts within itself the outside objects by selecting some of their qualities. With this knowledge it can extrapolate thoughts, sensations, connections, develop concepts...

Conscience : extrapolated perception of what lies outside the limit

At the intersections lie 3 secondary color zones. The secondary zones also have a foundation, a dynamic and a deep meaning.


spaceThe energy alows to organise and animate the matter. The combination of matter and energy thus gives rise to space.

Space is the frame for physical force because matter is so reactive that it automatically moves, changes or propagates any movement.

Space enables to create new things.


timeThe changes operated by energy alows to become aware of time.

The conscience can perceive the surrounding energy, namely the magnetic force.

When the conscience assesses the available energies, it perceives the potential that lies within each situation.


stateWhen the conscience analyzes matter, it perceives the objects qualities. It remembers their past qualities and foresees the possible changes. This set defines a state.

Switching from a state to another is operated by chemical force. This kind of action alters the qualities of the objects.

Changes in state can never be performed at random. A given state only allows a limited number of possible transitions. The conscience thus perceives cause and effect laws that frames the unfoldment of changes.

Central to this is the intersection of the 3 primary zones and the 3 secondary zones. This zone can thus have all 6 colors or none. I represent it in black and white.


mec symbolThis diagram may look simplistic and obvious but it clarifies a lot of things when it is used to analyze the world. The combination of the 3 basic elements gives seven areas, like the 7 basic principles of the Kybalion, the 7 dwarfs of Snow-White, the 7 capital sins, the 7 days of the week... It is not just by chance if currels often use the number 7 to fit their dogmas with a mystical flavor.

schemaI have made arbitrary choices in this model. The aim is not to establish an absolute truth but to rather have a reliable reading template to decypher the phenomena without drowning into a flood of information.

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