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It seems that 666 is the number of the beast, the number of the devil, the wicked number that cast eternal damnation. There are a lot of writings on the internet and in books, that explain what it is supposed to symbolize. The problem with these interpretations is that they are often related to a language. Just take for instance a demonic incantation in Latin, replace each letter by its number and lo! we get the number 666. But if I take the same incantation translated into French, English, Spanish or German, I get something other than 666. Too bad that the devil can scare only those who master Latin.

I think that when a symbol is too dependent on a culture or a language then it is not relevant for all humanity. It is not valid for the entire humanity because those who don't know that culture won't be able to understand the symbol.

This 666 has always puzzled me. One day, I found a simple explanation to it, based on geometry. Anyone can understand this personal interpretation.

In this section entitled, "Matter Energy Conscience", I say that 3 nested basic principles give birth to 7 principles, one of which is central, which gives :

  • 3 basic principles (1, 2, 3)
  • 3 secondary principles derived from the intersection of the basic principles (4, 5, 6)
  • 1 central principle, common to all the others (7)

matenco model

By playing with these nested circles, I often come across geometric patterns where I get 3 times 6 elements, in other words 666.

666 half-zonesFor instance, if I take the basic nested elements and if I cut each circle in 2 then I get 6 main areas, 6 secondary areas, 6 central areas.

The 6 primary areas are of primary color. The 6 secondary areas are of secondary color. The six central areas are black.

Indeed I get 6 6 6.

666 fleurThe drawing commonly called flower of life allows among others to make a lot of variations along these lines. For instance if I take the basic pattern of the flower of life and color each type of area with a different color then I get 6 zones for each primary color.

  • 6 blue areas
  • 6 yellow areas
  • 6 red areas

That is obviously 666.

So what does 666 means? I think that it is the long way leading to the spirit.

We play with what is available to us, we play with matter, energy and conscience. It gives rise to infinite combinations, endless possibilities, boundless situations, adventures, reflexions, obstacles and solutions. This infinite number of events paving our life can be represented by a long trail of "6".


Instead of writing thousands of trailing "6", is it more convenient to only write 3 of them, because our boundless combinaisons only occur within the framework of the 3 basic principles, namely matter, energy and conscience. This symbol doesn't depend on any culture. It is easy to draw the 3 circles and to count them together in any language. Whatever the culture one can easily understand that the main and secondary areas which combine by 6 stand for a quest. One can understand that the central area is the goal. Even a child could understand this image because the central 7 is like a nail which pins the 3 big circles together.

In the below pattern, we can feel the long trail of 6. It is also base on the flower of life (3 flowers wide). Here, everything comes in 6. There are 6 black triangles, 6 white triangles, 6 black bows, 6 black rhombus, 6 white rhombus, 6 white trapezes ... and a single hexagon in the middle.


What is the aim of this long way of "6"? We seek, we fumble, we try, we experiment in order to evolve. The evolution is represented by the 7. The long wandering leads to the central element. It enables to discover the principle that binds all others, the principle that can be found in all other principles. What is this unifying central principle? I think that is the spirit. My spirit sails from one existence to another. In each life it carves a body of matter, it selects relevant circumstances and expresses my experience gained from previous incarnations. It is the spirit that gathers my matter, my energy and my conscience together.

So for me, 666 stands for the spiritual path. That's the long and hazardous road to the discovery of ones own mind. The road is tortuous, often treacherous, sometimes it leads to a dead-end, sometimes we get confused by illusions, we can get lost in beliefs, we can find ourselves in the wrong place with the wrong people doing that which repels us. The road is hard and full of pitfalls. Maybe that's why it has that devilish reputation. Yet there is no other. If we don't start walking then we won't discover anything. So let's bravely trail countless "6" to reach the "7".

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