MECAccording to the Matter Energy Conscience model, these three basic elements give rise to three forces.

forceThe physical force

The chemical force

The magnetic force

The human beings master the physical force.

It is more tedious to use the chemical force. We can make mineral or organic material react in order to transform them. Herbivores fitted with horns are able to produce wood just by eating grass. Plants are able to craft proteins, oils, pigments, perfumes, sugars and even hormons from mere mineral material. The human body sucks at chemistry, compared to plants. We are required to exploit living beings in order to collect from them the chemical products that we need.

Not to mention magnetic force. This ability is so disabled into humans that most of them go as far as denying the very existence of biological natural magnetism. Most people consider that is it just a New Age fairy tale to rip off the gullible ones. Yet animals are able to perceive the terrestrial magnetic field. Why don't we have the same ability ? Even with a sedentary lifestyle such a skill would be priceless. We could for instance locate without relying on maps, compasses, GPS or waiting for the night to see the constellations in the sky

We lack something that plants and animals master. What so we miss ? Let's take a closer look at the three forces to try to understand.


physical force Physical force is the ability to handle matter. We can shape it, gather it, move it. Its weight, cohesion and speed change in the process.

Physical force = changing the energy of matter.


chemical forceChemical force is the ability to handle properties of matter. By combining elements we can generate new ones, fitted with new properties.

Chemical force = changing the identity of matter.


magnetic force Magnetic force. What is it ? We don't know. We mainly know about artificial industrial electromagnetism. It is a dangerous imitation of mineral natural magnetism. But if we extrapolate we can assert the following theory.

Magnetic force = changing the identity of energy.

It would be the "chemistry" of energy so to speak, aiming at changing its properties.

We master the physical force because it's easy for us to perceive matter, energy and their interactions. By contrast our chemical skills are feeble and we don't know anything about magnetism. We can infer that the human being is not allowed to perceive the identity.

We don't perceive the identity of matter. We don't perceive the identity of energy. That's too bad because identity allows to know the properties of an object. From there we can try to foresee the object's actions upon its environment and its reactions in a given context. Instead we are left to fumble around, guess, try, resulting sometimes in bitter or fatal outcomes.

When we pick a toxic mushroom out fingers are unable to detect the poison. When we walk our body doesn't feel the changes in the electric currants running through the earth. Even worse. We cheerfully commit suicide on a daily basis. We walk quietly in the middle of deadly gas exhausts while dozens of thousands of people die from it each year in France. We hug our smart phones lovingly round the clock until the day when a burn, a cyst or a tumour reminds us that it sends micro-waves, like the ones we use to cook our food.

Bees hives collapse. Thousands of them disappear suddenly without a trace. Dolphins run ashore on beaches for unexplained reasons. Some say that it's because of pesticides. Some other say that it's because of electromagnetic waves. How to find out ? One thing we know for sure is that what affects insects and mammals necessarily hits us as well but we are not aware of it, we don't feel anything !

The foundation of conscience is the limit. There is an inside and an outside, separated by a boundary. There are distinct objects because they are delineated one from the other. The conscience watches. It can compare the inside and the outside. It can also compare the external objects. It gives rise to the notion of identity. As our conscience is unable to perceive the actual identity of energy and matter than we have no choice but to compare the objects apparent qualities to distinguish between them.

As a result we have a flawed perception of the world, but above all we have a flawed perceptino of ourselves. Philosophers have been fighting for centuries to define what the human is. The definitions pile up, each one more pompous than the last. What is the difference between humans and animals ? We are still searching for the answer.

As we only look at the objects superficial qualities to define them, the human being is considered as a mere piece of meat led by a super-intelligent brain that must enjoy as much ephemeral pleasures as it can before ending eaten by worms in dirt. As animals brain is smaller then they are only used to feature our stomachs, our zoos and our feet.

Even the most "civilized" humans crawl into the crudest superstition. For instance, foetuses have high cell generation ability. So if we eat some of paint our face with then we will rejuvenate ! Swallowing an organic being to steal its skills, how stupid. If things were this way then it would only take to eat a carrier pigeon to sense the terrestrial magnetic field.

It is so pathetic to see such a great being displaying such a poor behaviour. Why are we deprived from the most important skill of nature ?

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