Emotional engines

Why do I feel like there are more negative emotions than positives ones? The set of basic emotions is made of fear, anger, sadness and joy. We can show bad faith, we can cheat and say that joy blossoms in ecstasy, bliss, contentment, satisfaction... These are nothing but shades of a same emotion. Whereas fear, anger and sadness are three different things which can equally be broken down into multitude of shades.

The answer is simple and logical, it only takes to rely on the Matter-Energy-Conscience model.

To begin with we have to remember that energy manifests in 2 ways : attraction and repulsion.

yesWhen attraction operates we are driven towards something. There is only one straight path. The vagaries of life can have us spinning around in detours but the direction remains the same because there is a single goal. The situation reaches our full agreement.

noWhen repulsion operates we are repelled by something. Where should we go? As the aim is to move away, we can head to anywhere. An infinite number of directions awaits us. All of them are relevant.

We will choose a path according to the context and our abilities, we will even allow ourselves to switch several times to another path for the only requirement is to move far away from that which repels us.

joyThe day when we are in a good situation, we want it to last, to grow bigger, to blossom intensely. This situation generates joy. We don't need to feel anything else because we want to come closer to the positive context that awaits us. We step to a single direction, the one which attracts us and makes us feel good. There is only one path in attraction.

tacticBut the day when a bad situation hits us, we want to put an end to it. What should we do? Anything and everything provided that the pain stops as soon as possible. Repulsion counts an infinite number of roads but they belong to three categories for when we are assaulted, we can react by surrendering, attacking or escaping.

When we surrender, the defenses collapse, we give up, we let deprivation occur.

When we attack, we gather the whole of our forces, our energy level peaks at its highest.

When we escape, we do everything it takes to not perceive the painful situation anymore.

emotionsThe day when we are in a bad situation, we want to come to term with it

That's how we feel the sadness arising from surrender, the anger in order to attack or the fear designed to escape, depending on our condition and the context.

It gives rise to the illusion that the number of negative emotions is higher

A good situation will thus lead to a single category of emotions, when a bad situation will generate three of them. Emotion is the engine that allow us to move forward in our life. Therefore it is obviously better to let joy set the motion for it is easier and safer to step a single way. Whereas fear, anger and sadness is likely to reach uncertain outcomes, in addition to the confusion and exhaustion caused by wandering among the countless paths of repulsion.

The repulsion of "no" scatters our resources into negativity

The attraction of "yes" focuses our energy on one target

It should be underlined that there is a particular case. When the negative context is located outside of an object, the internal energy of the object moves away from the outer edges. It thus converges to the core of the object, towards a unique point. But if a positive situation occurs, the energy rushes to an infinite number of directions inside the object, aiming at migrating to the outside. The rule of attraction and repulsion is thus reversed in this case.

internal emotion

Inward withdrawal shrinks our resources

Outward expansion multiplies our energy

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