I recently came accross a quote from Paracelsus about alchemy. What he says immediately reminded me of the Matter-Energy-Conscience model :

Each corpus is composed of three things, called sulphur, mercurius and salt. Nothing but life, hidden in the interior of what we call a body, can make them hang together. If you take a body in hand, you have three invisible substances in one form.

That which burns is sulphur, that which evaporates is mercurius, and that which remains in the ash is salt.

alchemySalt shapes the base, it is the matter, it is the foundation, the dense frame.

Sulphur burns, it is energy, it is the engine for change.

Mercury volatilizes, it is the subtle conscience that penetrates everything and projects itself into the world.

The body arises from the mixing of these three elements. No one has ever unlocked the secret of existence yet.

Which substances lie at the intersections?

  • Salt + Sulphur = ? ? ?
  • Sulphur + Mercury = ? ? ?
  • Mercury + Salt = ? ? ?

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